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August 23, 2013

New “Link Back” Traffic Feature

Question: Can I display my MagicDealer listing information on my website in real-time, like I do with Facebook or Twitter?

Answer: Yes! I am very excited to announce this special new feature. It’s a “Link To Us,” or should I say a “Link To You” traffic generator that displays your MagicDealer review count in real time.

This feature is located on the right side of your listing page. Click “Link to us” for a series of automatically generated links to your listing, including up-to-date review information.

Copy the code and paste it to your website. This link-back will help your ranking among certified MagicDealers and drive more traffic to your listing from search engines.

If you don’t have reviews yet, that’s okay. There are other links there to help you increase your traffic. If you want more reviews, which will lead to more customers, then promote your MagicDealer’s listing to your email list and on Facebook and Twitter.

To get started using your links, go to your listing and click on “Link to us.” Choose the banner code that works best for your site and insert the html into your site. It’s that easy!

Here is an example: Magic City’s Banners


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