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Jul Invade My Stats

If you have a website, you have the ability to view and monitor your traffic statistics. Most server companies have a statistics program built right in to their administration panel. Many webmasters prefer Google Analytics, one of the best, free traffic monitoring services on the internet.

There are many services out there. I use four—yes, four!—separate analytics programs to measure and tweak the traffic for

Recently, my team and I revived and officially re-launched the site. I thought for sure this was going to take months of intense, hard work to create a “useful” resource.

Turns out, I was wrong.

When I checked my stats today, was my NUMBER ONE REFERRAL SITE in my host’s stats program and NUMBER FIVE in Google Analytics non-search engine referrers. (that’s why I use more than one program to monitor my traffic, they don’t always match up perfect)

What does all this mean? It means we are off to a fantastic start. If you are listed on, great! Check your stats. You might already be getting a significant amount of traffic from the directory. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Start getting MORE TRAFFIC TODAY!

My traffic quick view:

4. Newsletter link

Google Analytics:

1-2. Internal Links
3. Newsletter Link

And a nod to both and (#8) they are great resources!


I’m Bad At Everything

Turns out, I am bad at everything. As a baby the first thing I learned was how to suck.



Quick & Easy Shortcut

Hey iPad & iPhone users! Would you like a quick & easy shortcut to

Simply click on this image button on your device, select “Add to Home Screen,” and the icon will magically appear on your device’s home screen!


This will work on any of your favorite websites as well! Like!!