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How Many Licks Does it Take for a Review?

Pop1Ask the wise owl, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?” and he always answers the same: “THREE(hee)!” For proof, see the original video…

But how many sales does it take to get one review on your website? The answer is a little over two thousand. That’s right, two thousand sales. Have you already given up on the idea of ever having reviews on your site again? Don’t! I have an idea that will have your site full of reviews in no time.

From my research, I have concluded that it takes a little over two thousand sales of any one item or for every two thousand products you sell site-wide, to net one review. This is just an average, but that might be why you have little to no reviews. It’s not your fault, it’s the stats fault–a numbers game. Unless your site is wildly popular and you’re selling like crazy, reviews are just not going to magically appear (pun intended).

Don’t feel hopeless. Have no fear. I am hear to help! First off, you need a strategy; a reason for customers to write reviews.

Customers only respond to a few things:

  • Discounts
  • Special Offers
  • Incentives: Free Magic, Drawings, Member Forum
  • Mores Discounts

One last thing… The personal touch. That’s right, customers respond to a personal touch. They want to know you care. And you do! Or you wouldn’t be in the magic business.

Here’s what you do: After you have answered all of your incoming email, pick your last ten orders that have been delivered and send the customer a personal email. Something like, “Hello, I see you received your last order. What did you think of MAGIC TRICK NAME?” It only takes a few minutes to write a quick, two-sentence email. Make a general letter and fill in the personal details. This will most likely result in at least five responses. Answer back with a follow-up, thanking your customer and state that you will include their comments in a products review.

Done! You just got at least five new reviews in less time than it took to read this post.

Talk Back Questions: In your experience what is the ratio of sales to reviews? What are your favorite review incentives?


The Times Square of Magic Advertising!


If you have an online magic site, increasing your ranking on the search engines is like moving your business to Time’s Square. (Photo by Daniel Schwen)

Imagine you are trying to decide which magazine to advertise in and there are two options. One magazine has 10,000 subscribers and the other has 5,000. It’s a no-brainer, right?

Maybe. But chances are, if they only have a 20-30% overlap like in the magic industry, you might be saying yes to the larger group of readers, but no to a whole other demographic—the demographic you really need.

Lets level the playing field. What if both magazines had the same number of subscribers, but one of them offered to move your business to Times Square for the same cost?


Display ads in print magazines are extremely valuable. They can put your ad in a potential customers hands. Billboards are also extremely valuable. They can give your business a presence right next door to your competitor. But neither one does much for your search ranking and more and more, that’s where customers are finding you.

If you have an online magic site, increasing your ranking on the search engines is like moving your business to Time’s Square.

So how much does that cost?

It’s surprisingly cheap due to the search engine industry’s renewed commitment to directories. Simply sign up to a directory with a strong ranking, such as—the largest, fastest growing magic directory in the world—and watch it Invade Your Stats.

Think of as another leg of your social media strategy, but unlike general sites, MagicDealers is focused on magic. You can spend $100 on Facebook in minutes and shotgun a large target. That same $100 on MagicDealers lasts you ONE YEAR and is a like a tractor beam for potential magic buyers.

Such a cheap price means you will have plenty of advertising budget left to spend with the magazines.

In addition to the listing, you can also promote your business through the special offers section on MagicDealers. This is an amazing feature that acts almost like a second newsletter, where you can showcase your high-profit items and discount promotions.

Want a sneak peek? Join MagicDealers for FREE!


Did You Know: Find Magic Dealers Right in the Palm of Your Hands?


Magic in the palm of your hands.

Magic in the palm of your hands. has joined forces with to bring the ultimate magic resource right to your smartphone.

The Magic Dealer App is your handheld resource for Magic Dealers, Latest Magical Effects, Profiles, Convention News, Reviews and More. With our app stay on top of the latest magic news, find the hottest new trick or lecture. You can also join our mailing list and stay on top of all the current happenings in the world of magic.

If you would like to download this Fantastic FREE app search Magic Dealers on iTunes or Google Play and see what your missing!

For Apple iPhone users: Click Here

For Android Phones: Click Here


New “Link Back” Traffic Feature

Question: Can I display my MagicDealer listing information on my website in real-time, like I do with Facebook or Twitter?

Answer: Yes! I am very excited to announce this special new feature. It’s a “Link To Us,” or should I say a “Link To You” traffic generator that displays your MagicDealer review count in real time.

This feature is located on the right side of your listing page. Click “Link to us” for a series of automatically generated links to your listing, including up-to-date review information.

Copy the code and paste it to your website. This link-back will help your ranking among certified MagicDealers and drive more traffic to your listing from search engines.

If you don’t have reviews yet, that’s okay. There are other links there to help you increase your traffic. If you want more reviews, which will lead to more customers, then promote your MagicDealer’s listing to your email list and on Facebook and Twitter.

To get started using your links, go to your listing and click on “Link to us.” Choose the banner code that works best for your site and insert the html into your site. It’s that easy!

Here is an example: Magic City’s Banners



Magic Chatters: An Untapped Traffic Source

Introducing the official MagicDealers magic chat room! has teamed up with Cybergician—the premier new magic chat community—to deliver our clients an untapped traffic source.

One of the challenges of lone chatrooms scattered across the Internet is that they do not have enough chatters at any given time to keep momentum. Online magic shops, for instance, may only have a few visitors who want to chat throughout the day. When potential chatters get to the chatroom the chat is empty, so they just leave.

Collectively, there are hundreds of magicians who want to chat about this subject we all love—magic! If we have several sites all feeding the same chat, we will pool together one large group of magicians.

That’s why MagicDealers has partnered with Cybergician. Their non-profit business model is unique and fills a valuable niche. Cybergician doesn’t advertise on their own site, but they will build you a custom interface that you can link to and advertise your products and services all you want.

Everyone with a custom site shares the same group of online magicians in which to fill the chat; to keep the momentum.

What does it mean for our group of certified magic stores? Magic Dealers now have a place to meet up with current customers, plus gather new customers! You can chat with fellow magicians through our custom branded interface, or create your own custom chatroom and link to it on your site.

We are one of the very first affiliates to join this massive project and I think it will be big! You can be apart of the magic. Click here to contact me and I will create for you a custom chatroom for your website.

<a href=””>Click here</a> to chat!

Jul Invade My Stats

If you have a website, you have the ability to view and monitor your traffic statistics. Most server companies have a statistics program built right in to their administration panel. Many webmasters prefer Google Analytics, one of the best, free traffic monitoring services on the internet.

There are many services out there. I use four—yes, four!—separate analytics programs to measure and tweak the traffic for

Recently, my team and I revived and officially re-launched the site. I thought for sure this was going to take months of intense, hard work to create a “useful” resource.

Turns out, I was wrong.

When I checked my stats today, was my NUMBER ONE REFERRAL SITE in my host’s stats program and NUMBER FIVE in Google Analytics non-search engine referrers. (that’s why I use more than one program to monitor my traffic, they don’t always match up perfect)

What does all this mean? It means we are off to a fantastic start. If you are listed on, great! Check your stats. You might already be getting a significant amount of traffic from the directory. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Start getting MORE TRAFFIC TODAY!

My traffic quick view:

4. Newsletter link

Google Analytics:

1-2. Internal Links
3. Newsletter Link

And a nod to both and (#8) they are great resources!


I’m Bad At Everything

Turns out, I am bad at everything. As a baby the first thing I learned was how to suck.



Quick & Easy Shortcut

Hey iPad & iPhone users! Would you like a quick & easy shortcut to

Simply click on this image button on your device, select “Add to Home Screen,” and the icon will magically appear on your device’s home screen!


This will work on any of your favorite websites as well! Like!!


Car Make Over

My car got a small make over:


The “MAGIC” of Advertising

In Arthur C. Clarke’s Three Laws, the Third Law states, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

And since almost everything worth advertising is, at least in the mind of its creator, a “sufficiently advanced technology,” the marketing of such products benefits by borrowing from the magic industry.

In fact, experts call words such as amazing, magical, and astounding, “stop words.” These are terms and phrases that when included in headlines and headers, cause potential customers to stop [flipping through the magazine or changing channels] and pay attention to the sufficiently advanced technology being advertised.

This is why it is difficult, near impossible, to find an available URL for your magic business that incorporates these stop words; those websites are already being used by the mainstream market.

Porsche’s recent slogan (circa 2011), “Engineered for Magic,” both takes advantage of our industry’s core term and gives credibility to the idea that men only drive a Porsche due to a “wand” complex.

Even non-technological products take from the magic industry’s precious limited vocabulary. Spider-Man is, after all, only “amazing.” The same term used to describe turn-of-the-century baking apparatus.

Magicians have struck back over the years. Magic creators parody the occasional well-known summer blockbuster for their trick’s title or they incorporate popular mainstream products, from playing cards to iPhones, in their routines.

I remember Steve Fearson performing a trick for me while we were hanging out at a magic convention more than a decade ago, when the Internet was still finding its place among the general public. He had me select a card and then go to Oprah’s website, which revealed my card right next to her picture!

Today, there is a constant supply of innovative technology advertised as magic. It is important magicians develop new magic tricks just as quickly, setting the bar for what is magic and what is “like” magic.

In the past, a young kid might say, “I know how you did that, you used one of those fake thu***.” Now days, he will say, “You know, there’s an app for that. And it’s amazing!”